I offer Lightroom/ACR and Photoshop post-processing instruction via Skype. A 1h session allows me to cover a wide range of topics, from basic Lightroom/ACR settings to advanced dodging/burning and luminosity masks. During the session I share my screen so you can see exactly what I am doing and at the end of the session I upload the recorded video to DropBox for you to review at your own pace. I can demonstrate techniques on my own images or yours, whichever you prefer.


The cost of a session is $75 payable via PayPal. Please contact me at [email protected] if you would like to book a session.



"The thing you did to bring back the sky in my Antarctica shot is nothing short of a miracle. That's good news and bad news for me... the good is that I can go back now and work on shots that I pretty much dismissed because the light was so flat; the bad is that there's so many of them :-D" (Andrew J, USA)


"I was quite hesitant shelling out $s for Photoshop instruction, after all the web is full of free tutorials and tips/tricks. What those tutorials can't cover is 'my images'. I knew in theory about positive/negative space, but not until you showed me how and why they work did I understand them. And the LAB process you showed me on my photo from Zabriskie point is very nifty!" (Uwe F, Germany)


"Thanks so much, time well spent!" (Gemma N, Italy)